About Us

We bring our industry experience to each and every project.

What Makes Second Chance Investments Credit So  Successful At Transforming Credit Reports For ANYONE?

Our system and tactical approach DOESN’T focus on “out of date disputing.”

We don’t use ancient 609 and 623 letters that every other software and credit repair companies use. 
Instead, we focus on directly challenging Credit Bureaus for compliance.

Everything you’ll have access to is based around a secret method myself and my team of experts has crafted over the last 8 years to work hand in hand with the actual system Credit Bureaus use today called: E-Oscar.

We challenge for compliance.

We don’t dispute the items.

And that’s EXACTLY what the Credit Bureaus WANT!

By challenging and NOT disputing - you’ve already got them onside right from the start because they HATE disputes!

Because the truth is…

If the item is yours it’s actually UNETHICAL to dispute it! -

And despite all the FALSE claims out there… only 5% of consumers actually have a “disputable error” on their Credit Report.

It’s why getting any results through that out of date method takes SO long and more often than not they’re not the results people like YOU want.

But you can find out more about that on our course...

WE on the other hand look for complete, accurate and timely reporting.

By ethically and legally challenging anything and everything we deem appropriate to do so (whether it’s your item or not!) - we gain the best possible outcome:

A more enriched, enhanced, credit report score in the quickest possible time.

That’s what our Credit Sweep do for you.

That’s exactly what you receive when you subscribe.

We bring our industry experience to each and every project.